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SALMCO Slicers since 1984

SALMCO was founded in 1984 by Johann Glösmann, a true pioneer in the development of salmon slicing machines.

His credo was to supply high-quality machines that are reliable, durable and easy to operate. The large number of SALMCO machines worldwide that are still in use after more than 20 years testifies to the reliability and durability of our products. Many of our machines can be found throughout the world today, with quite a few of them still in use even after 30 years of reliable operation.

We are still guided by Johann’s principles today.

Photo: The founder, Johann Glösmann, wearing the white coat, is pictured alongside his colleagues Claus Lorenz and Ernst Borchers on the left side, and Joachim Bast on the right side, at his factory in Hamburg.

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