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SM 3029 with Salmon Carriage
(Carriage up)
SM 3029 with Tuna Carriage
(Carriage down)

​Our SM 3029 automatic salmon slicer offers customers four combinable options to suit their individual requirements: salmon chute, tuna chute, interleaver and board dispenser. The salmon chute slices at angles ranging from 10-30°, while the tuna chute slices at 90°. The tuna chute is driven by a pneumatic system.

SALMCO SM 3015 Manual Cold Slicer

Our manual salmon slicer SM 3015 from SALMCO is easy to operate and allows the user to work precisely.

It features a continuously adjustable slicing angle and a sturdy salmon chute. The circular blade is easy to sharpen with its built-in sharpener and hygienic cleaning of the machine is effortless.

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